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Statement from the DVSA WebSite. 

If you're going to pay someone to teach you to drive, they must be an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) or hold a trainee licence.

It's unlikely that anyone except an ADI would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly.

Nine out of ten learners who passed the practical test on their first attempt were taught by an ADI rather than a friend or relative.


Official information for new learner drivers can be found by clicking on the Website below:-

You must pass the theory test before you can take the practical driving test

Use this link to see the DSA website giving details of the driving theory test.

Some people like to read around the topic of driving or view a video.

You MUST read the Highway Code

The official bookstore website can be accessed by clicking on the link below:-


The theory test can be booked online -- the link below will give you all the information that you require


 Sharon has been an Approved Driving Instructor for over 14 years.

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